Write for us

Ever wondered how you can be an author for 24 Days In Umbraco? Then carry on reading to learn what it's all about.

In the past we have been reaching out to people one by one, asking if they would like to write for us, meaning we sometimes ask people in the middle of summer - crazy, we know! But it takes time to engage 24+ authors each year. The earlier we can get people to confirm, the better.

Therefore we have decided to create an application form instead, saving us some manual work and hopefully increasing our reach as well, so we can engage as many new and familiar authors as possible each year.

If you have an idea for an article you would like to share with the rest of our wonderful community, please fill in the application form. Since we have a limited set of spots, a maximum of 25 authors will be selected.

What happens when you apply?

Once you have submitted your application you will hear back from us and we will let you know if we still have open spots for the current season and we might have some additional questions for you.

Once you've been selected among the applicants you will receive 3 formal e-mails from us, which are as follows

  • Umbraco backoffice invite
  • Guidelines about how to setup your article
  • Optional invite for joining the Slack channel

You can find more answers to questions you might have by visiting our FAQ.