1. Hello Umbraco Heartcore
  2. Setting the stage
  3. Evolution of the Umbraco Developer
  4. How To Keep Up With The Latest Tech?
  5. Should I be a Front-End Developer or Back-End Developer?
  6. When you know better, you do better?
  7. Umbraco and Sass loops: a flexible approach to colour theming
  8. Estimations - a tragedy in 3 (and a half) acts
  9. Getting to grips with Umbraco 8
  10. Separation and Integration of the UI in content led websites
  11. A Modular Design Using A Hybrid Headless Approach In Umbraco 8 and VueJS
  12. Rapid Prototyping in Umbraco
  13. Why I think you should use Umbraco
  14. Multilingual websites in Umbraco 8