uBlock Origin

Adblockers, not just good for your sanity, also for the environment; I recommend uBlock Origin.

I can not live without an adblocker in my browser. Advertising has made most sites completely unusable. Luckily there's uBlock Origin

Hopefully you're already using an adblocker and hopefully it is uBlock. You know you're also saving the environment by just not loading the ads and not having to spend CPU cycles on them, the carbon footprint of advertising is estimated to be very significant.

I'm not against advertising by the way, I buy WAY too many things that appear in my Instagram feed. Why? Because they are actually relevant ads. I hate to say it, but Facebook knows exactly what I want.

Unfortunately, 99% of web advertising is utterly useless and therefore just gets blocked. I know websites rely on ads to keep money coming in, which is also why I'm a paying member of Ars Technica.

As an additional tip, now that we're installing browser extensions to remove annoyances on the web: I've found Consent-O-Matic to be a great extension to get rid of most cookie consent banners (also known as the single worst regulation ever).

Sebastiaan Janssen
Sebastiaan Janssen