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My favorite podcast player is Pocket Casts, this article also includes some podcasts you might want to listen to.

After yesterday's tip about RSS reader Inoreader, I'll talk about RSS some more as podcasts have RSS at their basis for updating us about new episodes, although Spotify is trying really hard to kill that (luckily with little success so far).

Today's tip is the most excellent podcasting client: Pocket Casts. Not only is Pocket Casts available on both Android and iOS, they also recently open sourced their code base, and we're certainly seeing bug fixes and features being submitted to their GitHub repos, that's great for us using the apps!

I listen to podcasts all the time, when I'm not at the computer. During bicycle rides, folding the laundry, in the shower (yep..) and when out kayaking.

Why is Pocket Casts great? I love:

  • Organizing podcasts in folders
  • Nerdy stats
  • Automatic volume boosting (for those slightly too quiet podcasts)
  • Great lists of popular podcasts, good for discovering new ones
  • Well implemented queueing system
  • Reliable sleep timer
  • And I just got my yearly roundup from them đŸ¥‚

Screenshot of my Pocket Casts wrap-up for the year, showing the text "In 2022, you spent 75 days and 4 hours listening to podcasts. During which time 13,160,485,269 tweets were tooted. Toot! Toot!"

I'll list some of my favorite podcasts that you might like:


  • The infinite monkey cage (popular science/humor)
  • The skeptic's guide to the universe (hard science, but entertaining as well)
  • Science vs (popular science)

Weekly tech news

  • This week in tech
  • All about Android
  • Windows weekly
  • This week in Google

These are all on the TWiT network and I might not be fully paying attention listening to these, they're good but also can get a bit long and not all topics are that interesting to me.


  • Security now
  • Darknet diaries (highly recommended, good story telling)

Cults, religions and related 

  • Sounds like a cult
  • Maintenance phase
  • If books could kill (who knew Freakonomics was mostly just utter BS?)


  • Candid Contributions
  • Package Manifest

There's a few more that I listen to, careful though, you might end up like me ending up listing to 75 days of podcasts in a year đŸ˜…

Sebastiaan Janssen
Sebastiaan Janssen