Ditto clipboard manager

Ditto is a lightweight and awesome clipboard manager for Windows.

No, not THAT Ditto

Ditto is a lightweight and awesome clipboard manager for Windows. Yes, I know you can do something similar with WIN+V as well (and this now makes it 2 tips in one day) but Ditto is super configurable to do exactly what I want it to do.

Screenshot of Ditto showing recently copied items

The feature I enjoy the most in Ditto is that I am able to save certain copied items. There are a lot of things that I often need to paste somewhere and instead of putting them in some text file, they're just always available in Ditto. My favourite item is a super minimal HTML doctype that I can paste in a new layout template in Umbraco to get up and running fast.

Screenshot of Ditto showing saved items, hovering over a HTML doctype definition

Other options include:

  • Search all the items currently on the clipboard
  • Configure how many copied items you'd like to cycle through; default is 100 but I set it to 500 (I copy and paste a LOT)
  • Automatically expire items after a number of days, if you're not a hoarder like me 😉
  • Share your clipboard between two computers; careful with those secret passwords though

Ditto even has fun statistics; I've just learned that I've made 52837 copies and pasted 5596 times since February 2021.

So forget about CTRL+V and even WIN+V and embrace the power of Ditto!

Sebastiaan Janssen
Sebastiaan Janssen