Like PowerToys, DevToys is a set of tools making developers happy.

Well today's tip is a new one, even for me! Thanks to a tip from Matt Wise I recently discovered something called DevToys! As they describe it: a swiss army knife for developers.

Indeed DevToys (small footprint, open source) is a joy for us developers. It contains all kinds of things that I would normally have to do a Google search for first, things like Base64 en/decoding, JSON formatting, generating Lorem Ipsum text, testing regex, etc.

Screenshot of comparing text in DevToys, with text highlighted on the right side that doesn't exist on the left side

Just before writing this article, I had a need to quickly compare two text files. I fired up DevToys, dropped the text in the Text Diff tool and voilá, found the missing link.

I've also used the JSON validator a few times in the past week already and have been generating dummy Lorem Ipsum text like crazy.

So this tip really was brought to you by Matt, thanks Matt! 💪

Sebastiaan Janssen
Sebastiaan Janssen